The Wizardry of watercolours

Rocky Outcrop
"]Travelling with watercolours gives special magic to places
The wizardry of watercolours

Travelling with watercolours gives special magic to places. Even if I travel to the bottom of my garden with my watercolours, I can transform it into a place of wonder and fantasy.
Watercolour is as close to alchemy as anything else. The choice of colour, brush, paper are the ingredients. The Magician then brings it all together with a sweep of the brush and unspoken spells that bind it together. Then the wait as paint and paper dry. Does it need more? Only the magician can know.

Like the search for gold, the search can be long, but so rewarding and with a few deft brush strokes we can put a fleeting impression down, and add our own special effects
These small watercolours were done on our last trip north to Kalbarri, the land of sweeping horizons and dramatic coastline